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Enable project portfolio success and promote resource efficiency

Nobody wants to do the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring a successful project portfolio, and now you don’t have to!

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“If only ‘G-Maps’ could navigate projects”…
Guess what? Allex can!

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You know you are a successful project portfolio manager when your projects start working for you, rather than you for them. However, this may seem a far cry from where you are today. But never fear, Allex is here to get you one step closer to your goal. Some projects seem doomed from the beginning and zaps your precious resources.

Allex is built to tackle these tricky projects, by helping with monitoring and decision making. Our status warning indicators ensure you make the right decisions from plan to launch.

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"We have increased project throughput by 25%. With Allex we manage to produce more machines in less time.”

Remo Rickler, CSO, Christof Fischer GmbH

A graphic showing the staff scheduling feature of Allex software.

Genius is making the complicated simple.

Here at Allex, we believe you shouldn’t need to be Einstein to navigate your software. We’re here to make your life easier and your work more enjoyable. That’s why our tech wizards and project portfolio experts collaborated closely to produce a state-of-the-art program that is innovative, user-friendly, and, most importantly, ensured to accelerate projects and generate spectacular results.

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A screenshot of the Allex interface showing a Netplan view of a project.

Don’t turn making a plan into a project!

A project without a plan is like a pen with no paper. This is why the team at Allex paid extra close attention when developing our tool’s planning capabilities.

The software allows users to create robust project plans resilient to risk in a quick and stress-free way. The automatic forward and backward scheduling enable you to find the perfect order for your projects. Use net-plans, Gantt-charts or a list-view to visualize your projects just the way you like it.

A screenshot from the Allex software showing task management and communication.

Who said what?

Two is a couple, three is a crowd, and anything more can be logistical mayhem for Project Managers. With this in mind, we created a tool that promotes clear communication and collaboration through enhanced teamwork-promoting features.

These features enable successful collaboration with project managers, teams, and suppliers, pushing for regular status updates. Our communication and feedback technology then automatically updates projects accordingly, reducing any room for error.

A screenshot from the Allex software showing how you can adjust timelines to immediately see the impacts on your resources.

They say quality over quantity. We say, why not both!

The stresses of time constraints, the toing and froing of communication and the constant threat of potential bottlenecks might cause problems for some companies, but not for Allex users.

Our hidden superpower (spoiler alert: it’s our algorithm) highlights bottlenecks, provides team transparency, and even automatically updates changes across the entire project or portfolio plan. The Allex software allows you to create scenario projects, granting you the ability to predict future capacities with ease and accuracy.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing the Teamboard List View

Stay on top

Every company's favourite project is the next one, but usually, execution is not straightforward, and project portfolios can get messy. That is where Allex comes in to save the day.

By bringing a clear sequence to your projects and giving users a birds-eye view of your entire portfolio, Allex makes maintaining and managing the project portfolio vastly easier.

Nothing stunts productivity like red tape!

We deal with enough bureaucracy in our personal lives without having to worry about it in our professional ones! “Project bureaucracy” is really a thing and managers often have to play referee in the daily blame game.

Allex cuts through the red tape, granting its users a clear overview of the company project portfolio and allowing PPMs to deep-dive into their multi-project environment as a whole, or narrow the scope down to a single project inspection. This eliminates any room for misinterpretation or error and ensures everyone is on the same page.  

Does size really matter?

Whether you're a multinational organization out for world domination, or a local business providing for your community, Allex is perfect for you! Our tool is built for all SME's and project types, and its features are adaptable to any size organization.