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Allex: bringing structure to projects and order to resources.

Simple yet effective, specialist cloud-based project management software, built with the practicality in mind.

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A screenshot from the Allex software showing how you can adjust timelines to immediately see the impacts on your resources.

Leading Companies Choose Allex

Excel in Project Management with Allex

Allex is designed by leading engineering and manufacturing experts.

The project management methodology behind Allex comes from the industry expertise of our team. Our users experience up to 25% acceleration in projects. Allex helps manage the complexity of your project portfolio by automating the processes – keeping the resources, schedules and quality of your deliverables under control at all times.

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"We have reduced the project throughput by 25%. With Allex we manage to produce more machines in less time.”

Remo Rickler, CSO, Christof Fischer GmbH

Allex allows any user to manage projects like a pro

Managing capacities, suppliers, partners, keeping track of costs and deadlines. Three clicks for every detail of the project. Make decisions based on facts and have a full view of your entire project portfolio.

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Focus on what really matters: the quality of your products!

The quality of products delivered is the fundamental core of any project. However, delivering a top-quality product under time constraints is a challenge for any organisation. Our intelligent algorithm warns you about the possible bottlenecks and helps you optimize capacity allocation. This is how your whole team can focus on what matters.

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Allex is there for you at every stage of your project

Plan projects your own way

Create robust plans resilient to any risks. The automatic forward and backward scheduling helps you find the perfect order for your projects. Use net-plans, Gantt-charts or a list-view to visualize your projects just the way you like it.

A screenshot of the Allex interface, showing the smart buffer feature.

Get project chaos under control

The status warning indicators from Allex help you make the right decisions on every step of your project. Your team members give you feedback on current statuses and the project timeline automatically updates accordingly. Set up your project plan, invite your team to collaborate. You have full control of everything that is going on.

A screenshot from the Allex software showing task management and communication.

Streamline multiple projects

Have a clear picture of all your projects and the resources allocated to them in a single view. This allows you to plan projects with no resource bottlenecks. So, there won’t be any unexpected delays in delivery. Another project coming up? Our scenario functionality makes strategizing effortless.

A screenshot from the Allex software showing how you can adjust timelines to immediately see the impacts on your resources.

Capacity allocation with the highest accuracy

Discover capacity conflicts within projects and solve them with just one click. Base your decision on reliable data. Capacity planning is accurate to the date point and considers absences of any kind. With this level of transparency, it is easy to see which resources need reductions or enhancements. This is how you ensure that your plans are safe and reliable.

A screenshot from the Allex software showing staff resource planning feature.

Why Allex?

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Agile & Flexible

The cloud-based software is constantly being developed according to your needs.

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Reduces Complexity

Clear project sequences, backward planning & collaboration.

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Made in Germany

Methodology proven in the strongest industrial market in the world. Highest data protection requirements.

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First Class Support

We are happy to provide support at every step of your onboarding & integration.

Get to know Allex!

Experts who understand your processes will be happy to guide you through the project and resource management tool in a personal live demo.

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