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What's your project malfunction?

Allex is the co-pilot you've been waiting for! Ensure your task orders are streamlined across all projects. "Cross-Company Project Clarity & Cohesion Guaranteed!"

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Full Project

Allex provides full transparency for all stakeholders in complex multi-project environments with easy-to-use resource integration.

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Accelerates projects by 25% with new agile & critical chain project planning methods supported with AI.

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Less manual project administration needed. Plans adjust automatically due to intelligent feedback loops.

Aerospace project environment
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Transformative Results

Implementing Allex leads to tangible results in aerospace project management.


Allex helps your team stick to schedules and meet deadlines consistently.

A little help with AI

Our Allex Project Generator gives you the kick-start you need to plan projects from scratch.

There is method to the madness

Allex is predominantly built based on the CCPM (Critical Chain) Methodology, but due to it's innovative technology can be easily adapted to any of the standard Project Methods used by an organisation.

An ERP friendly solution

Allex can be easily used as an add-on to many mainstream ERP systems available on the market.

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