Large and complex projects

Maintain an overview, make better decisions and achieve outstanding results

When it comes to complex projects, Allex provides a simple and transparent status overview of the entire project portfolio and all sub-projects. Ensuring clear planning, easily identifying bottlenecks, and increasing collaboration.

Allex makes project management manageable

Allex makes managing large projects super simple. With our new Linked Projects feature, you can now easily divide projects into multiple sub-projects and link the integration points to the main project in a meaningful way. This makes complex projects clearer and easier to plan and control.

Identify bottlenecks in the project, act early
instead of reacting

Identify the critical path in your project and analyze which scopes in your sub-projects are late. As a project manager you will now always know where to focus your efforts and will be informed about delays early enough to make better decisions.

Say goodbye to plans that can only be used by the planners

Allex lets you bring all stakeholders into the project. Project managers and subproject managers can build a realistic project plan that tracks execution and ensures that nobody has to work in separate tools. In the task view, each project manager can involve their project team.

Clearly define responsibilities, achieve your goals and aim for better quality

Assign clearly defined scopes to individual subproject managers. Everyone knows their tasks, knows when something must be delivered, and responsibilities and resources can be clearly delineated and managed this way. This makes it easier to achieve goals and ensure quality in the subproject.

Improve Collaboration

Allex is cloud-based, quick to deploy with little installation effort. You can schedule projects within your organization, but also give external project stakeholders access to a project or work package with just three clicks. This improves collaboration within and outside your organization.

Integrate Allex with Other Tools 

Embed Allex into your existing IT landscape. Various integrations such as Microsoft Teams allow easy integration with existing tools. The reporting API allows you to create reports and customize them to your needs.