A genius approach to project methodologies that drives project success

If you follow a critical chain methodology, you’ll know it’s hard to find a digital solution that embodies CCPM reasoning, but what’s even harder is when you need critical chain and a mix of others like agile, scrum and more.

That’s where Allex comes in, we cover a wide range of methods in one innovative solution.

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We know how to be agile!

Allex encompasses the essential qualities of a modern agile solution by offering features and methodology like the board view, sprints, scrum and theory of Constraints, all while staying true to our core values within the critical chain mentality.

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Are your projects growing in both size and number?

Our system allows for critical chain reasoning within projects. This reduces the constraints and complexities of tasks and resources at a mass scale.

Are your current tools rigid and stagnant?

Unlike other solutions, we’ve designed our product with flexibility in mind. Our modern UI makes adapting changes simple yet effective.

Do you find it hard to keep an overview of your tasks?

We just launched a brand new feature that might help you out. Our board view allows you to sort your tasks based on their status and get things done faster.

Risk-free project planning with Allex!

The Allex system is strategically engineered to create a risk-free project schedule. Some of our exclusive features include:

Bespoke Digital Buffering System

“What ifs” are easy to tackle as they arise, not to mention increasing on the productivity and scalability of deliverables.

Multi-directional Scheduling

Forward and backward scheduling makes identifying shorter critical chains more apparent, boosting efficiency.