multi-project management

Setting the gold standard in project portfolio management software

An innovative solution for managing projects, resources and tasks that is in a class of its own.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing the Portfolio Overview

All your projects in one clear view

If you're in the development, organization, or product sector you need! It allows you can manage multiple projects simultaneously on a single platform and empower your team and you to perform at their best.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing the Teamboard List View

Plan ahead, deliver reliably

Management, sales, customers. Everyone wants a reliable date statement when the next delivery can be made.  Create a scenario  for future planning in minutes. The software creates valid scheduling for you, taking into account the current and future workload of all your projects and teams. Share your schedules across teams and avoid follow-up questions.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing a project timeline with team capacity.

Optimize processes and manage resources

There are usually never enough resources to do everything you want to do as a project manager and there are always different departments involved in completing projects. Use a smart sequencing of tasks to get an optimal flow, maximize the output of your team and utilize resources efficiently.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing a quality check.

Standardised processes, outstanding results

Make your team's life easier. Using standardised handovers and process steps with integrated checklists and regulated releases in your projects. Reduce additional administrative work and eliminate the need for endless checklists for team leaders.

They say practice makes perfect, but this time we did the practice for you.

At Allex, our team of project management enthusiasts, resource planning extraordinaries, and web development gurus put their brains, knowledge, and expertise to the test and created the ultimate project portfolio management software.

Not only does it use state-of-the-art technology, but the features are specifically designed to deal with the challenges specific to portfolio planning and resource management. And it works: Allex is proven to accelerate delivery times by up to 30%.

Focus on scoring goals and let Allex ensure project portfolio wins!

The quality of products delivered is the fundamental core of any project. However, delivering a top-quality product under time constraints is a challenge for any organisation. Our intelligent algorithm warns you about the possible bottlenecks and helps you optimize capacity allocation. This way, your whole team can focus on what matters.

Managing capacities, suppliers, partners, keeping track of costs and deadlines is easy with Allex. Three clicks for every detail of the project. Make decisions based on facts and maintain a full view of your entire project portfolio.

A screenshot of the Allex software interface showing timeline of a project with workload


Enhanced collaboration, visibility and risk management with linked projects.

Break down complex projects to linked main and sub projects. With linked projects you can improve project coordination by seamless communication between different project teams. And project schedules will be even more realistic, cause dependencies between projects are taken into account. ​

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