About us

Allex is here to ensure that your projects are delivered on time and exceed stakeholder expectations in a simple, innovative way.

We’re a German-based project and resource management software, creating a platform that improves project collaboration, steers efficiency and promotes transparency.

Known for being one of the “go-to” technologies within the DACH manufacturing and engineering sectors, we work with leading brands and enterprises across Germany.

Our Story

Allex exists because our founders struggled with the same project and resource issues as you! They wanted to generate quality work that was motivational, where they could be proud of what they achieved and would be acknowledged for their efforts.

When they struggled to find such a solution for their specific sectors of manufacturing, research and development, Allex was born.

Our Base

Bridging the gap between traditional thinking and innovative reasoning led Allex to create a dual location hub, with offices in the heart of Munich and downtown Berlin. Our location has enabled us to attract top talent to join our team in a setting to suit their lifestyle. This granted us the ability to develop a state of the art technology we’re proud to call our own.

A screenshot from the Allex project management interface. This shows budgets.


We aim to accelerate output, using the same available resources without diminishing quality. Using Allex you can deliver on projects up to 30% faster and exceed company expectations. We achieve this by integrating and adapting the theory of constraints methodology into our innovative system.

Life at Allex

We’re a people-first organisation that believes we work to live, not live to work! That’s why our mission is to create a diverse company culture that promotes collaboration and advocates for freedom of expression. We want employees to feel they’re part of the family, ensuring they’re always free to voice their opinions.

Allex aims to be a place where trust is at the heart of everything we do. We want our colleagues to get the job done, because we have full faith in their expertise and management abilities. A place where stress is for tyres, where failure is not just tolerated but accepted, because without failing we can’t learn and grow. We want our employees to have pride in working with us.