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Our project portfolio management solution has been tried and tested by some of Germany’s leading engineers and manufacturers.

They drove project acceleration of up to 25% + with the platform, you can too!

"We have increased project throughput by 25%. With Allex we manage to produce more machines in less time.”

An headshot of Pascal Kottenstein, Head of Project Management and Industrial Engineering at Groninger.

Pascal Kottenstein

Head of Project Management
and Industrial Engineering at Groninger

We have answers to your pressing questions


How can I estimate whether I can deliver an additional system this year? Or are my capacities already fully utilized?


With Allex you get an overview of all projects at the push of a button. In addition, the workload for each team and for each individual project is shown. You can use filter settings to see, for example, the company's utilization over the next 6 months. This enables you to make the best decisions for your entire organization.


How am I covered if the customer changes the order? Or if a specialist fails?


With us you are on the safe side: You save buffers for risks and uncertainties right from the initial planning of the project. If a process is postponed, the visible buffers are used up and the other appointments are postponed so that the customer appointment is still met.

Manufacturing team members working with the Allex program.

Project is running as planned

A graph displaying a health project timeline.

Project at risk: High buffer consumption

A graph displaying a negative project timeline.

How do I find out early on whether a project is delayed?


Anyone can look into the past. In addition to a clear overview of the status quo of your projects, Allex provides you with forecast values and early warning indicators. "Smart Hints" and "Notifications" help you to manage the customer project efficiently.


How do I ensure that my teams coordinate with each other and tackle each task at the right time?


Allex improves the teamwork in everyday life. The smart algorithms suggest the optimal sequence of tasks for each team, depending on the progress of all projects. You have full control and your employees have a company-wide coordinated list of their tasks.