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Our customer success teams have your back and are here to get you up and running in no time. The Allex team is filled with experienced professionals, ready to ensure you get the most from our software by providing you with the comprehensive building blocks that unlock success.

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When starting out with new software you’re often faced with many questions, such as "Where do I start?" or "How can I get the most out of the service and be successful quickly?".

We understand the learning curve can be daunting, and we would like to support you right from the start by providing you with comprehensive advice, whether you are new to Allex or a long-time customer looking to optimize your project portfolio management. Take a look at our offerings today and let us work with you to determine which services are right for you.

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Phone & live chat

Have a technical issue or question? Don't worry, our Allex team is happy to support you during the week, daily from 9am - 5pm.

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Migration & test data

Would you like to see an example of how you can manage your projects with Allex in the future? Or would you like to migrate your data to Allex?

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your personal Success Manager will be happy to assess your data and provide solutions to the challenges you face. They are ready to assist you in the early days and beyond.

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Consulting Services

Of course, we will continue to support you at any time and enable you to get the best out of your projects with individual consulting.

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We would be happy to work with you to develop the perfect start for your company.

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Quick Start

Our Quick Start will teach you how to successfully manage your projects from day one. First, we will cover the basics of our tool. We will also assist you in the Allex configuration and go through your multi-project management process together. In addition, you will learn how to make your project portfolio even more efficient by applying the lean multi-project management method.

You will then discuss your individual topic focus with a Customer Success Manager, as it is important to us to also efficiently tailor our learning method to your needs. We can also use the Quick Start Method as a first step into a larger implementation project.

Application training

We offer customized user training to support the implementation of Allex. Training is tailored to different roles and their practical use cases, such as multi-project managers (PMO Office), project managers, department or team leaders, or project team members. The training is conducted using practical examples or directly with your templates so that you quickly learn to use the software efficiently.

IT Integration

You want to integrate Allex into your processes and existing systems? We present the technical possibilities for using our standard interfaces, as well as the functional interaction between the systems. Thanks to our REST API, you can create custom integrations that are specifically optimized for your field of activity and systems.

Change management for transparent multi-project management

Do you want to learn a method to speed up development projects by 30% and drive more jobs through your organization with the same team? You want the whole company to be optimally aligned, employees not jumping back and forth between tasks, but having an order suggested based on a special intelligence?

Do you want the entire project portfolio to be managed on time and reliably by the company and not just individual projects?

Then this impulse workshop is the right thing for you. It presents effective acceleration factors in project and multi-project management using practical examples. Gives your management team valuable impulses on how to work together differently with the help of Allex. From handovers from one team to another to agile ways of working from your industry.

Implementation of individual reporting

Whether you are thinking about a transparent project status report or you were asked to create a special report for your management. With Allex, you can easily export project and resource data or import it into other tools via our API interface. We can help you create reports according to your target audience, share with you the experiences of other customers.

Portfolio manager training

You don't have a multi-project manager yet or someone who has the whole picture in mind? Let us do the hard work and train a project manager or executive to do so. With the features and views in Allex, it's a snap. Repeatedly, we are informed that projects fail, that costs, deadlines and performance get out of hand, that bosses and employees constantly must set new priorities.

Project manager training

For project managers who have not yet received basic training in project management and are looking for how to make their work significantly easier, as well as for people who have just become, or will soon become, project managers, we offer the seminar "Being successful as a project manager". You will learn essential methods and tools that make project management much easier. Topics include single project management, multi-project management, project communication and collaboration.

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