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Allex brings order to the chaos within your project environment. We ensure your projects and resources run smoothly and that the project portfolio is managed efficiently.

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Working in the cloud

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Work with your teams remotely. The software is based on the latest cloud technology and can be used anywhere without software installation. Developed and hosted in Germany. For the security your team needs to work productively and safely.

Recognize your bottlenecks

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Identify bottlenecks early and set the right priorities to make the most of your projects, people and budgets. Intelligent critical path analysis helps you identify potential bottlenecks that can cause operational inefficiencies.

Quick start

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Facilitate your project management and upload your Excel lists as MS Project file. Transfer all dates, dependencies, milestones and responsible persons with one click.

Who does what, when?

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Boost team performance and maximize results. Our planning and control software visualizes every step of your project. Create tasks based on dependencies and track your progress to the final deadline. And let everyone know who's doing what, with whom, and by when.

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Get a birds eye view with Gantt Charts and Net-plans

With the virtual network you can design your project flow according to the own wishes. Notify team members, add information. Save time, streamline processes and projects and keep track of all the things that are going on.

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Plan efficiently with time buffers

To avoid unwanted bumps in the road, Allex uses automated intelligent time buffers that ensure you meet your deadlines on time without risk.

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Allex is a next generation project and portfolio management software

Manage your project like a pro. Intuitive, functional, customizable.

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