resource management

A Platform Where Teams Lead can Manage Teams Easily

Every company envisions success, but if you don’t manage your resources correctly, that vision will remain a dream. Here at Allex, our project and resource tool enables you to plan, manage and guide resources, toward making your goals a reality.

Where Team Satisfaction and Results Meet !

Project and Team Leads Kept in the Loop

The project manager or customer postpones the project?

The platform informs the team leader and automatically adjusts the team board. The gap in the matrix organization is finally closed.

Why it's Great for Team Leads

As a Team Lead you need to postpones a project task?

Allex immediately informs the project manager of the impact and automatically adjusts the project plan. Improving transparency, collaboration and reducing administration

A Platform that works for you, so you can work For Your Team.

Every good manager should know what his team is up to, what tools they need to get the job done, their availability, strengths and weaknesses.

Here at Allex our team of resource management enthusiasts and innovative developers have created the ultimate resource management tool, allowing you to manage personnel and machinery efficiently and effectively.

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