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Perform your most valuable work and achieve your goals effortlessly with Allex resource management software. Manage employee planning and medium-term capacity planning easily online.

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Get the most out of your resources

Know your resources

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Present the current project and resource situation transparently, identify capacity bottlenecks at an early stage, check project requests and analyze the impact on your resources.

Increase throughput

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Set targeted priorities in your planning and avoid multitasking. The optimized use of resources enables effective project processing.

Real time planning

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Whether in the assembly hall or on the road on a tablet, the current status is immediately updated and available everywhere. Each connection is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

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Project planning

Enter and plan your projects with corresponding capacity requirements. Use drag & drop to move your projects and directly check the impact on your resources. Balance supply and demand, identify bottlenecks taking into account your available capacity.

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A screenshot from the Allex software showing how you can adjust timelines to immediately see the impacts on your resources.

Planning of personnel and operating resources

Detect conflicts at an early stage and resolve them directly. Plan your personnel and resources on a daily basis. Take absences such as vacation and training into account. Evaluate project shifts, the addition and removal of resources and thus ensure your planning.

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Resource management online with Allex

An innovative software for intelligent resource management.

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