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Benefits of an Allex partnership

Partners benefit from financial incentives, sales and marketing resources and technical support during implementation.

You will receive access to training videos and documentation, as well as a free license, with which you can acquire customers. We will also assist you in customizing templates and demo accounts for your customers. The license enables you to use Allex in your consulting projects.

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The method behind Allex - Critical Chain Project Management CCPM, Safe, Lean and Scrum

"Most companies continue to think about how to connect their IT systems, instead of bringing people and processes together"

Holger Lörz on

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As a partner you will be invited to all exclusive Allex events. We also support our partners with marketing activities if required.

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You transform the organization & processes - Allex ensures that the new standards and processes are met

Allex supports the main project methodologies CCPM, Kanban, Scrumban, Sprints etc.

Allex promotes collaboration at eye level

With digital handshakes between teams and notifications of status changes, it's easy to collaborate with external employees

Buffer Magic!

Check out our video on how you can take your project management, portfolio management and resource management to the next level with Allex.

What our partners say

"As one of the leading CCPM/TOC implementing groups in Europe we heavily rely on perfect tools - ALLEX combines a lot of important functionality with really cool usability!"

Wolfram Müller
Founder, BlueDolphin

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