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task management

Clear and powerful task management

Simplify your workload and deliver on time with our task management software.

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Task management for companies and organizations

Allex provides large teams with a simple, intuitive task management solution that is seamlessly integrated with powerful project, portfolio and resource management. Included are features that have been specifically designed for enterprise use, such as user roles, project access rights and more. Allex helps you and your team achieve more together.

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A screenshot from the Allex interface showing task status and communication.

Work together in real time

Work closely with your team and organize all project details, decisions, and updates in shared areas. This allows you and your team to collaborate in real time. Help your team operate efficiently and see what colleagues are busy with.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing the intuitive projects overview screen.

Keep the overview

Organize your tasks in a simple and customizable environment for more visibility and increased productivity. This seamlessly integrates the tasks of your team or projects to have one central place for all your tasks.

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Features designed to streamline

Allex is web-based

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You don't need to download or manually update Allex. As an online tool, it's perfect for remote teams as well as any team with Internet access that wants to become productive together.

Simplify complex projects

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Prevent project burnout by breaking the workload into manageable chunks and providing customized views and processes.

Powerful project management

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Pure task management is not enough within Organize. Organize tasks into projects to achieve your goals. Allex supports you with impressive features -> More information [Link Single Project?] to divide your workload into manageable parts and to plan and control projects with individual views and processes.

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Allex is a next generation project and portfolio management software

Manage your project like a pro. Intuitive, functional, customizable.

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