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Your one-stop-shop for project and resource management

Behind Allex's innovative software is state of the art technology, combined with 30 years of pioneering project experience. Designed as a solution that covers a wide range of project types and functions.

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Whatever your project, Allex has the solution for you

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Who, what, where, when!

With the Allex solution you know who does what, where and when! This gives you full control over your resources and allows you to plan securely for capacities and future priority projects.

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Forget bottlenecks

We enable you to easily identify bottlenecks within a project or projects and give you enough time to fix the problem or find a way around it.  

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No more miscommunication

Communication and collaboration are Allex’s fundamental function. Allex is designed to reduce time wasted on miscommunication and endlessly looking for feedback. With Allex you can request feedback in real time, when it's needed!

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Full transparency 24/7

Our software ensures that everything remains open and transparent. There's no room for misinterpretation, hidden agendas. From senior management to junior executives, everyone on a project has an overview of what is going on, what is deficient, and what needs to be done.

Integration made easy

Our cloud-based solution is not only tightly secured by the latest digital security infrastructure, but also designed to integrate and collaborate with numerous systems based on API connections, from your ERP to CMS solutions and more.

Here, There, Everywhere!

No matter how your business is structured, on-site, multi-site or remote, Allex can work for you. Access it from anywhere, anytime. Let external teams like agencies and freelancers collaborate. Give them access to projects with limited views and stay in control.

Allex is a next generation project and portfolio management software

Manage your project like a pro. Intuitive, functional, customizable.

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