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Be at the top of your game and score business goals and project wins!

Whether you’re reporting to the head of an organization, a team lead or an investor, nothing brings a smile to their faces quite like project acceleration. Our project portfolio software not only gives you clarity and peace of mind in the day-to-day management and planning, but also increases project delivery speeds by up to 30%.

Increase your throughput by 30%

A screenshot from the Allex program interface.

The only pro worth talking about is profit

The quality of products delivered is the fundamental core of any project. However, delivering a top-quality product under time constraints is a challenge for any organisation.

Our intelligent algorithm warns you about the possible bottlenecks and helps you optimize capacity allocation. This way, your whole team can focus on what matters.

No more offside bottleneck mishaps!

There is nothing quite as daunting as hitting a bump in the road and then being asked by a superior for a project status update. With Allex that stress goes out the window; our software makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and find ways to avoid them.

Your team performs best when they know they can win

Meeting business objectives requires company-wide strategic planning, which is why it’s so important for project portfolio managers to organise and manage projects in one place. Now with Allex, you can, but what is even more interesting is that our automated technology can accurately predict if any additional projects can be accommodated allowing for smooth business planning and targeting.

The project defence you always dreamed of

Our software acts as your company's goalkeeper, ensuring capacities are used efficiently, that projects are managed meticulously, and future planning is precisely predicted. The software also defends against bottlenecks and protects against miscommunication, this all meaning you are in it to win it!