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Turning projects 
into profits!

Our solution not only creates clarity and transparency, but more importantly acceleration within your company's project environment.  We ensure that your business goals are not only met, but exceeded!

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Safeguard against bottlenecks

Obstacles and challenges are nothing new for a project planner, but if you could avoid them, wouldn't you? With Allex you can! Our software makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and find ways to work around or avoid them altogether!

Put your priorities in order

With Allex, you can organize and manage your projects in one place. Use our automated technology to accurately predict whether or not you can accommodate new projects based on resources.

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Allex is more than a tool, it's another team player.

The software acts like another team member in the project and resource area and ensures that your capacities are used efficiently, projects are managed meticulously and future planning can be precisely predicted

Acceleration 4.0

Allex is based on a proven methodology (CCPM) and blends cutting-edge technologies to create an innovative and agile solution that can accelerate throughput by up to 30%.

Implement more projects or orders
with the same team

Use the Allex system to manage projects, portfolios and resources in unison to increase your throughput.

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