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"I would recommend Allex to any company that wants to improve the efficiency of their process."

Paul Rayner

Project Manager,
Atlas Converting Equipment

Projects, Tasks and Resources

Reduce Administration,
Get Stuff Done!

Decisions, handovers and feedback are automatically tracked, reducing administrative tasks and wasteful meetings. Everyone involved can track the status and progress of projects at any time, improving collaboration, communication and transparency.

Feedback Loops
That Adjust Your Work

Automatic feedback loops provide valuable information and adjust projects automatically. Optimized resource allocation avoids bottlenecks and ensures smoothly executed pharmaceutical projects. Plausibility checks reveal errors immediately.

Easy Overview

In highly regulated industries, precise documentation and organization are crucial. Thanks to the high level of transparency, it is clear who is working on what with whom and whether capacities are still available.

Real-time data enables data-supported decisions that identify overloads and bottlenecks at an early stage.

Transparent resource planning prevents bottlenecks and helps with unplanned downtime. Decisions and feedback are automatically logged.

Deliver On-Time with Quality Assured

By using early warning indicators, companies that use recognize possible effects at an early stage, which simplifies the forecasting and control of projects.

Transparency in pharmaceutical project management is crucial for the efficient control of complex processes.

Those involved can track the status and progress, which helps to avoid misunderstandings. Project staggering is simulated to determine the best sequence and evaluate capacities.

Why a Cloud-Based Solution?

State-of-the-art cloud technology means the platform is fully functional with common browsers. Minimized downtime during setup through effective automation.

Thanks to open API, integrates easily into existing IT systems & is ready to use in less than an hour.

GDPR-compliant data processing includes annual penetration tests, TLS and AES 256 encryption, secure backups and 2FA and SSO authentication.

AI is replacing project methods

Get to know the Project Assistant

Project Generator

Fast & more efficient setup of projects & implementation of creative planning workshops - better team collaboration.

Solution Center

Individual guidance and help to overcome the challenges of the project.

Methodic & Onboarding

Simplifies onboarding for users/employees and ensures instant productivity through reduced downtime.

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