Project Business integration and IT

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the playing field for project business software

Allex creates a symbiotic effect between your project portfolio, projects, tasks and even resources creating an unbeatable digital solution to drive project business success.

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The difference between then and now! 

Project portfolio software has traditionally been heavily manned by stagnant, complicated, and outdated solutions, which were driven by legacy rather than innovation. Planning, managing, and executing projects, was timely, complex, and usually required independent tools. With Allex, we have taken the pain out of Project portfolio management by developing a tool that brings all the elements of project business together in one state-of-the-art software.

No time at all! 

Most project portfolio tools take a significant amount of time to integrate into your organisation and to push for user engagement. Allex is a cloud-based solution that allows for quick IT infrastructure adaptation, whilst maintaining the highest level of data security to meet the rigorous EU and German-specific standards. As for user engagement, the tool is built with user experience in mind and ease of use is at the forefront of our concept.

Integrate and accelerate  

For every great idea, there is an even better one. Here at Allex we are aware that our solution is focused on your project business and portfolio management, but like all organizations, we also want to streamline business objectives cohesively throughout the entire company. That is why we ensured to partner with leading software providers, and the main reason we created an API capability. This allows our users to integrate with their own systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, and financial management tools.  

The future is automation 

Most organizations are familiar with the Microsoft suite of packages, here at Allex we wanted to help our users get started on our platform with a good head start. If you are switching from MS projects, we facilitate your project management transfer, simply upload your Excel lists as MS Project file. Transfer all dates, dependencies, milestones and responsible persons with one click.