Employees, capacities & equipment can all be managed in one overview

Allex provides a dynamic overview of all employees, vehicles, tools and job sites that can be tracked better than complex spreadsheets.

A screenshot of the Allex software interface showing a timeline of an Assembly team with tasks

All tasks from all projects and sites in one overview, in the right order 

By using Allex, you are guaranteed successful resource, employee and capacity planning! Thanks to the clear structure, everyone knows who is working on what, and all your projects can be planned and managed with one board. 

Easy adaptation of the staff allocation to new circumstances

Thanks to Allex you always have an overview of the workload of your team, as well as the individual employees, vehicles & tools and can identify overloads at an early stage. If colleagues, construction machines or vehicles are out of action, simply adjust the appointment or the resource that has the required capability. Vacation, absences or maintenance in the scheduling are considered and automatically adjusted. 

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing an Assembly team's workload and timeline

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