Project Scheduling

Plan your projects realistically and consider capacities

In order to complete a project successfully, capacities need to be considered from the planning stage. Either employees can be scheduled directly or hourly requirements can be reserved for a role or team. Conflicts are visualized at an early stage and considered during planning.

Allex allows you to create meaningful project plans in no time

Combine Allex's project management functionality with your resource planning to create powerful project and resource plans. Use Project Netplan to define task dependencies and visualize your project plan in the timeline. Allex supports you with many practical features, such as automatic scheduling, to make project planning as easy as possible.   

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing a Netplan project view
Screens from Allex showing personal tasks to entire project portfolio views

Allex is your only data source

Keep track of all project schedules and who is working on what and when. In Allex, project scheduling data is linked to resource scheduling data. This saves you a lot of time by eliminating manual data reconciliation between different systems.

Changes in project plans can be managed easily

We all know that customers change their minds and that it is often underestimated how long projects can take. Things are not delivered on time and mistakes are made, which means that projects almost always end up changing a little. Allex takes all these realities into account: Project schedules are linked to resource planning and are automatically adjusted. The input of buffer times makes it possible to absorb risks in projects. This way you can always be sure that your projects will be completed on time despite unforeseen changes.

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing our smart buffers in a project timeline

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