Capacity Planning

Always keep an overview of your prerequisites

In the dynamic project business, you can see which prerequisites are coming up and match them with the available capacities. This way, you can see what's coming up early on and make more sensible decisions.

Recognize overload and shortages at an early stage

Overloads and shortages are displayed at team, role or employee level. This way you can limit the impact on your team and employees. The current status of the project planning is always used due to the close coupling with the resource planning. 

A screenshot from the Allex interface showing an Assembly project capacity allocation
An animation showing an Electrical Assembly capacity plan in Allex

Make data-based decisions

In the project business you are confronted with many questions. Can we take on one more customer project by the end of the year? Do we need more employees in the construction department? What is the workload during the summer vacation period? Include current data in your decision. With Allex, you'll never be left out in the dark again.

Track vacation and sick leave and see how employee absences affect your team's capacity

Vacation, training, sickness and other absences affect your team's capacity. Record these to map actual availability. If the data is already recorded in another system, you can import it.

An animation showing how easy it is to schedule employee vacations in Allex
A computer showing Allex's ability to easily allocate staff members availability

Configure individually to reflect the availability realistically

Your employees have individual availability. Create different working time models to reflect the actual availability for projects.

A computer showing Allex's ability to easily allocate staff members availability

Achieve advantages for your business

Plan your capacities in advance, use resources efficiently, optimize the use of expensive external resources and achieve a business advantage for your company.

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