The Must-Have Project Management Certifications

William Delaney

With companies looking for growth at a phenomenal rate, the role of the project manager has become an integral part in accelerating business output to reach organisational objectives and goals. Scheduling, organising and managing tasks alongside overseeing teams and structuring efficiency are now more essential than ever!

From experienced project professionals to those starting out on their career path, adding a recognised certification will allow you to excel and update your skill set, for career progression and development. Along with these wins, having accredited certifications legitimises your skills amongst peers and management alike.

Let’s dive into the certifications that are available out there on the market!

Associate In Project Management


Brought to you by not-for-profit educational body GAQM, this course offers a project management certification which gives students an introduction to the skills required for a role in project management, from task and resource management to communication. This certification is best suited to those starting out with their a project management career.

Certified Project Director


Another option from GAQM, this recognised certification is aimed predominantly at the more established project professional and aims to teach students about more complex project management at scale, focusing on issues that commonly arise. It pays particular attention to communication, scheduling and identifying bottlenecks.

Certified Project Manager


The International Association of Project Managers – a global professional body within the project management space – offers a number of different certifications centered around project management and the essential skills required to practice. There are four main levels within the certification process which are split between traditional project management and agile project management. Aimed at students with a prior basic knowledge of project management.

Certified Project Manager


This certification by Business Value-Orientated Principles is focused on an agile framework, and is aimed at the more seasoned project professional. The course centres around people and culture, giving this certification a very distinctive difference to others on the market. Students don’t just learn project management skills, but also people management and communication, giving them a well-rounded approach to their project planning and execution.

Certified Associate in Project Management

by Project Management Institute

This course is the fundamental level that is a precursor to the Project Management Professional certification. It offers students without any prior work experience in the field with the basic information required to move forward onto the established Project Management professional certification.

Certified ScrumMaster

By Scrum Alliance

This certification is an excellent opportunity to level up your project management career within the agile environment, particularly in the IT sector. This certification brings you through the fundamental steps and processes of working in a scrum agile environment, from management style to communication and strategy.

CompTIA Project +

By CompTIA

This beginners certification focuses on project management within business organisations, government and academic institutions. This course is ideal for those starting out as project managers within these sectors or who are transferring departments.

PRINCE 2 Certification

By Axelos

PRINCE2 is without a doubt the most popular project management certification on the market. This course teaches students a 360 degree approach to project management, focusing on all aspects of pre-project, start, drive and deliver. The certification is split into two levels, foundation and then onto practitioner. The foundation level certification is ideal for beginners, however the Practitioner course is for more experienced professionals who’ve already completed the foundation level certification.

Professional in Project Management


This course is aimed at students looking at gaining a broader understanding of the project management field and practice. It focuses on the fundamental principles of project management, from resources and direction to communication and quality. This certification is aimed at experienced project professionals who monitor risks and are involved within quality assurance and crisis management.

Project Management Professional

By Project Management Institute

This highly-regarded course offers students an all-encompassing deep-dive into project management. This certification is worth having if you wish to move up the ladder within a project management environment.

Like all things within a professional setting, understanding the basics and being able to think quickly under pressure is a fundamental skill project managers must bring to the table. Being grounded and having the knowledge from a certification will give you the boost you need to take your career even further. But always remember that no matter how much you learn – getting some additional assistance from reliable project management tools will be crucial to the successful completion of future projects you work on to maintain clarity and precision. Check out to learn more!