Optimized List View for a better overview and faster planning

The Allex Team

We’re pleased to announce that our list view is even more innovative than ever before. The updated view is now visible in all Allex projects. After listening carefully and paying attention to your usage of the list view, we’ve adapted even more, giving you an even greater user experience. So, what have we improved:

  1. Compact and streamlined design for a better overview 
  1. Give projects structure via drag & drop  
  1. Convert checklists to tasks and vice versa via drag & drop   
  1. Save time with duplicates 
  1. Individualise columns according to your wishes  
  1. Easily restructure your project and move tasks to other projects  

The design has been streamlined for a better overview 

The new design of the list view displays even more tasks within a project, not to mention that the list now makes third level planning visible. Next to the summary tasks feature the task segment you get insights on the number of checklist items and their status. Working with the list view option has never been easier, you can even directly execute changes via drag and drop functionality.  

Structure Projects 

Quickly customize your project plan by adding tasks and checklist items, dragging and dropping tasks or editing task titles directly in the list.

Restructure your project and drag and drop checklist items onto other task lists. 


Convert checklists to tasks and vice versa via drag & drop  

If a checklist item takes on a larger size, convert it to a task by dragging and dropping. If a Task is much smaller than it seemed, you can convert it into a Checklist item using the same pattern.  

Save time with duplicates 

Duplicate your complete task information seamlessly. Click the three-dot menu of the task and hit duplicate. Here you can select the information you want to copy. Once you've selected the relevant information press duplicate to confirm the process.


Individualise according to your wishes 

Individualise the list view by selecting the columns you want to pay attention to. Depending on whether you want to discuss the list view with your team or the management, you can display the information that is relevant to you.   


Easily restructure your project and move tasks to other projects 

To enhance your task management you can move any task or milestone to another project. Sort your incoming tasks to existing projects or use a task from one project in another one by easily dragging and dropping the task on the project.  




We hope you like our new features around the list. If you have any questions or would like to exchange ideas with us, we look forward to hearing from you.