R&D Projects

Get your R&D projects across the finish line in record time!

We have researched and developed a winning formula to drive your R&D project goals. Our project portfolio management platform has analyzed the stresses and challenges that face research projects within the engineering and manufacturing space, and we have created a pioneering solution that handles these challenges and promotes project acceleration by up to 30%.

Is tackling your current project platform more of an effort than a help? 

Filing reports, contacting stakeholders, project planning and administration. Who enjoys administration? Nobody! When you test or develop a product, you spend a lot of time conceiving ideas and getting them down on paper. Allex uses the latest automation technology to reduce the administrative effort, allowing you to focus on what matters.

When great minds communicate, magic happens! 

The expectations of a project manager in development departments mostly lies in the production of new concepts and improvement of proven ones. This can mean that the department is usually busy with a large number of projects, be they planned, in progress or ongoing. Our solution enables you to see all of your projects in a clear and detailed view so that you can easily plan and manage your project portfolio .

Take your product development to the next level

Knowing the resources available to the team is critical to ensuring products are delivered to market in record time. With Allex, you can easily plan, manage and assign tasks to everyone who can make an efficient contribution. If you know your resource capacities, you can also predict bottlenecks that could arise due to your unique team composition.

Every talented player has his tricks. Allex has buffers! 

To avoid unwanted bumps in the road, Allex uses automated intelligent time buffers that ensure you meet your deadlines on time without risk.

To be great you need to integrate easily

Our cloud-based solution is not only strictly secured by the latest digital security infrastructure, but also designed for integration and cooperation with numerous systems based on API connections, from your ERP to CMS solutions and more.

Every good team has tactics! 

There are so many different project methodologies and theories it is sometimes hard to keep up! At Allex, our team of project experts has taken the best bits from each and created something new and innovative, with agile components, critical chain concepts, and waterfall techniques. Our platform is pioneering the way for the project management of tomorrow!