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Business, research and development go hand in hand

Research and development work usually means working under pressure. The introduction of new products to the market has taken off at a rapid pace. Our solution combines strategic thinking by a pioneer project professional with the latest cutting edge technology. With our software, we bring all players together and increase the speed of market introduction by 30%.

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Does the project software work for you? Or do you work for the software?

Filing reports, contacting stakeholders, project planning and administration. Who enjoys administration? Nobody! When you test or develop a product, you spend a lot of time conceiving ideas and getting them down on paper.
Let's do the administration. uses the latest automation technology to reduce the administrative effort.

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Whatever your project, Allex has the solution for you

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Working collaboratively in development

The expectations of a project manager in the development department are mostly in the following areas: Production of new concepts and improvement of proven ones. This can mean that the department is usually busy with a large number of projects, be they planned, in progress or ongoing. Our solution enables you to see all of your projects in a clear and conscious view so that you can easily plan and manage your project portfolio.

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Take product development to the next level

Knowing the resources available in the team is critical in order for products to be taken to the next level. With you can easily plan, manage and assign tasks to everyone who can make an efficient contribution. If you know your resource capacities, you can also predict possible bottlenecks that could arise due to the special team composition.

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Meet deadlines with a buffer allows you to convert the concept of fixed deadlines into an open delivery concept by using buffers. If necessary, you can get additional time, but at the same time plan efficiently so that you can meet stakeholder expectations and keep promises on time.

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Integrate your tools seamlessly

Our cloud-based solution is not only strictly secured by the latest digital security infrastructure, but also designed for integration and cooperation with numerous systems based on API connections, from your ERP to CMS solutions and more.

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We will show you how Allex can make your project business even more successful. Our product experts will guide you through the tool in about 30 minutes without obligation and work out the potential for your company.

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